Battle Group 2 Coming from Bane Games and Right Pedal Studios

For Immediate Release
Tuesday 10th December 2013

All hands on deck! Sequel to bestselling Battle Group in development by Bane Games

Bane Games and Right Pedal Studios are excited to announce they have begun development on Battle Group 2, the sequel to the best selling Battle Group available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android devices, PC and Mac.

Battle Group 2 is a fast paced naval warfare game which builds on the success of the original by introducing a number of exciting new features.

“I am happy to have Battle Group 2 as part of Right Pedal Studios. The original game developed by Bane Games was an inspiration in setting up Right Pedal Studios to fund and help bring quality indie games to market,” said Steve Baxter, founder of Right Pedal Studios.

“We’re excited to take the lessons we learned from Battle Group and bring a new version to the next generation of mobile and tablet devices. With new realistic graphics and satellite strikes, Battle Group 2 will take naval warfare to the next level” said Alistair Doulin, founder of Bane Games.

Battle Group 2 is scheduled for a 2014 release on smart phones and tablets.

About Battle Group 2

Command the most advanced naval fleets and satellite strikes to conquer the world’s enemy. A war career that will see dozens of battles, and be viewed by all with video replays. Battle Group 2 gives access to the most advanced naval warfare for ultimate destruction.

Key Features:

  • New Ships and Abilities – Ships include advanced abilities that scare even the most vengeful naval pirates.
  • Satellite Strikes – Command the chaos with the latest weaponry dispatched directly from orbit.
  • Expansive Map of Battles – Deliver destruction to an unprecedented amount of dynamic levels.
  • Constant Content – Call in the veterans with globally available content that feature unique abilities, weapons and characters.
  • Video Replays – Prove your conquest with video replays to in-game allies and the world.


About Bane Games

Bane Games are independent developers based in Brisbane, Australia. With roots in the mainstream games industry, the team has credits on Xbox One, PC and mobile. Bane Games plans to continue the successful production of high quality, engaging titles for a variety of gaming platforms.

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About Right Pedal Studios Pty Ltd

Right Pedal Studios is a mobile game accelerator based in Brisbane, Australia. Founded by Steve Baxter and managed by John Passfield, the accelerator provides mobile game developers with working capital, office space, mentorship as well as access to more general business resources of River City Labs.

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