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This week Right Pedal Studios, Australia’s first game accelerator, had a coup with two games connected to the accelerator being featured in Apple’s Best New Games list!

Right Pedal Studios has been working with the current generation of indie game makers since it opened it’s doors in early 2013.

Established by Steve Baxter, the founder of startup co-working space River City Labs, Right Pedal Studios is a games accelerator that offers funding, office space, mentors and access to legal and accounting advice for small indie teams.

To date Right Pedal has worked with five teams and released three games, with two more games preparing for launch. These games include Dragon Season – an endless runner, Verby – a word game, Battle Group 2 – an arcade naval combat game, Tail Drift – a slick 3D aircraft racing game, and Ninja Raft – a fresh take on the tower defense genre.


This week Right Pedal Studios was abuzz when the recently launched Battle Group 2 earned a coveted Best New Games feature from Apple.

Developed by Bane Games, Battle Group 2 is a sequel – and the first Battle Group game inspired Steve Baxter to set up the games accelerator. Alistair Doulin, Bane Games founder, had shown off the original Battle Group at a Brisbane games meetup which Steve had sponsored. While talking to Alistair, Steve identified the need for local funding and this led to the establishment of Right Pedal Studios.

BG2_ipad_screenshot_1Battle Group 2 by Bane Games

Having Battle Group 2 selected for inclusion in the App Store Best New Games list is a testament to the hard work the team has put into the game, and is a validation of Steve’s decision to establish an accelerator to help indie developers.

In an interesting twist to the story, Beetastic, a game made by junior brother and sister game developers Ella and Zac, also earned a Best New Games feature. Ella, age 9, and Zac, age 7 are the children of Right Pedal’s program manager and have been to every Right Pedal Studios game testing session since the accelerator opened. The kids have seen each game evolve from bare bones prototypes to finished products and this has had an impact on the siblings.

Beetastic_screen1Beetastic by Ella and Zac

As an exercise, the kids built a game with their dad over a number of weekends. Ella and Zac designed the game and drew the art while their dad did programming under their direction. They even tested the game at one of Right Pedal Studios testing sessions and improved the game based on the feedback.

Ella and Zac are just two of the many kids who have been involved in the game testing sessions. It could be that taking a peek behind the curtain of games like Battle Group 2 has influenced them in becoming a part of the next generation of game developers.

Beetastic_schoolphotoThe kids even had a call out on their school notice board

Whatever the case, there is definitely something exciting happening at the labs!

Battle Group 2 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch has launched exclusively on the App Store and has been featured in Best New Games.

Download Battle Group 2 from the App Store:


Watch the Battle Group 2 trailer:


Beetastic for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch has also been featured in Best New Games.

Download Beetastic from the App Store:


About Bane Games

Bane Games is an independent game developer based in Brisbane, Australia. We have created three games over the past four years for iOS, Android, PC and Mac. For more information click here.

About Ella and Zac

Ella is 9 years old and loves dancing and reading. Zac is 7 years old and loves Star Wars, Lego and playing football. They both LOVE Minecraft and were disappointed that their dad didn’t bring them back a @notch autograph from this year’s Game Developers Conference.

About Right Pedal Studios Pty Ltd

Right Pedal Studios is a game accelerator based in Brisbane, Australia. The accelerator provides game developers with working capital, office space, mentorship and has funded five independent games to date. For more information click here.