Tail Drift Flies Free In 12 Languages

Tail Drift launches for Free on the App Store in 12 Languages

Brisbane, 22nd January, 2015 – Attract Mode Games and Right Pedal Studios are excited to announce that Tail Drift is launching as free to play on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices on Thursday January 22nd.

As well as being free to play the game is also playable in Spanish, German, French, Italian, Brazilian, Korean, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Turkish and English.

Tail Drift is an arcade flight racing game that challenges players to manoeuvre a plane along a 3D tubular track which runs below, above, around and through floating islands, hot-air balloons and other obstacles that the player must avoid to win the race. The game was nominated for a GCAP 2014 Excellence in Art award.

“We were inspired by Crossy Road and its approach to free to play,” said James Bowling, “so Tail Drift has no ads intruding on the game experience. Players control when and if they want to see an ad.”

In the free to play update the planes use fuel when they race. The planes automatically refuel over time, or can be instantly refuelled by watching an optional video or spending coins that are earned in game.

Key Features:

  • 2 tours featuring 18 unique events to compete in
  • 7 beautifully hand-crafted tracks to compete on
  • 3 different event types including Classic Race, Time Trial, and Time Extension
  • 4 unique planes to purchase and upgrade
  • Upgrade each plane’s speed, handling, acceleration and boost
  • 3 unique power ups to give you the competitive edge including turbo boost, deadly mines and stun cannons
  • Localized into 12 languages including Spanish, German, French, Italian, Brazilian, Korean, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Turkish and English
  • Supports Game Center with 18 leaderboards



About Attract Mode Games

Attract Mode Games is a small studio working out of Brisbane, Australia. The team consists of three people that are working to bring the arcade flight racing game Tail Drift to iOS and Android devices.

  • Cameron Owen: An experienced game developer and designer, and creator of the first version of Tail Drift.
  • Elliot Lewis: A talented artist who worked on the upcoming action RPG, Hand of Fate.
  • James Bowling: Experienced game developer and marketing director.

Attract Mode Games Website: http://attractmodegames.com/

About Right Pedal Studios Pty Ltd

Right Pedal Studios is a mobile game accelerator based in Brisbane, Australia. Founded by Steve Baxter and managed by John Passfield, the accelerator provides mobile game developers with working capital, office space, mentorship as well as access to more general business resources of River City Labs.

Right Pedal Studios Press: http://rightpedalstudios.com/press/

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John Passfield

Right Pedal Studios


Tel: +61-402-378-241