Right Pedal Studios Accelerator - Intake 2 Open for Submissions

Right Pedal is always open for applications.


Are you working on the next great game? Is your great game going nowhere because you can’t afford to work on it? Or maybe you’re so busy crunching that you’re simply hoping for the best?

Right Pedal Studios is a games accelerator based in Brisbane, Australia. We want to team up with smart developers working on great games! We have investment and games industry experience as well as industry partnerships with Griffith University, Autodesk and Pitcher Partners.

We want to support teams who have the passion and the skills to create the next worldwide smash. We have smart mentors to help you make your game shine, experienced investors to help build your company, available funding to free you up to do your best work, and a collaborative workspace to share ideas with peers. We want to build a community of successful developers who are making great games and taking on the world!

We want to meet teams of passionate developers who have big aspirations. We’d prefer it if your team is small, tight-knit, has experience working together and industry experience – but if you’re passionate and do amazing work, we’d still love to hear from you.  We want to help you where we can and involve you in our community of entrepreneurs.

We’re looking for games for iOS and Android that feature a unique innovation and will be ready to release in under five months. We’d prefer focused, evergreen titles – such as Tetris, Letterpress and Jetpack Joyride – as they’re a great fit for mobile platforms and can be polished beautifully, but we’re open to suggestions! Especially if we can play it! No MMORPG’s please. 🙂

How it works

Right Pedal will provide support in the form of working capital, office space, mentorship and an alumni program in exchange for a fraction of the equity in your game; so we’re both invested in seeing your game become as big a success as it can be.

“I have more questions!” Check out the FAQ.

The Process

There are a few steps to take your game to market.

Submit Your Application

We have a three stage application process to help you decide whether this is the best program for you, and whether your game is suitable for Right Pedal Studios.

If you have a team leader, get them to fill in the application as they will be the point of contact moving forward.

Stage 1 Review

The first stage will allow us to get an understanding of your the game and who the team is.

To help us choose games, we have assembled a selection committee made up of games industry professionals. They will use the f6s platform to evaluate applications.

Successful applicants will be notified within the following weeks and be asked to complete a more detailed Stage 2 form.

Stage 2 Detailed Review

The second stage involves providing more details about your game and team.

Successful stage 2 applicants will be contacted shortly after the Stage 2 Detailed Review to arrange a face-to-face team interview.

Stage 3 Team Interview

The team interview is the final stage. There’s no need to prepare any pitch material, this all about us getting to know the team better, and for the team to get to know us.  It also provides an opportunity for us and the team to ask questions not covered in the application.

The interviews are the final step before we select the first group of intakes.

Both reviews and interviews will be completed with an expected start date for first intakes by the 20th of February, 2013.


This is where you will make your game.

Depending on the scope, this process will take up to five months of full time work at the Right Pedal Studios offices.

We’ll fund you, give you access to office space and mentors and provide all the help you need. You’ll be able to attend special internal events and seminars for teams and alumni.

We’ll organize regular test sessions, and when you are ready, we’ll do a live beta launch in a specific country to test the game with real players. We will help  analyze data from the live beta play sessions and work with you to help remove any game “suck points” and tune the game to maximize monetization and retention.

Go To Market

Now that your game has been built, tested and tuned and it’s time to launch it to the rest of the world. Right Pedal Publishing will get your game on the app stores and help promote and acquire users – a process we want you to be involved in and learn from.

You’ll also use game metrics to do further iterations on the game to help improve the game’s monetization and retention.

Alumni Stage

Depending on the success of your game there are a number of possible next steps.

  • If the game is a roaring success:
    • We can help you set up as an independent developer where you might choose to self fund, use another publisher, or apply to do another game with us.
    • You might want to buy out Right Pedal’s shares or sell the IP to a 3rd party. We can help with this process.
  • If the game isn’t the success we all hoped for, you might like to apply again to take what you have learned to build another game.
  • You might decide being part of a bigger studio makes sense. We can help connect you with the right people to get that ball rolling.

Whatever the outcome, you’ll be a Right Pedal Studios Alumni and are welcome to attend our special inhouse events and seminars. In fact, we hope that you will be able to contribute and share your experience with the next intake of game developers!