When do applications close?

We’re currently closed for applications while we focus on the awesome slate of games that are currently live in the app stores right now.  Keep checking back for news on when applications will re-open.

What do I need to provide in my application?

The application form will have a detailed list of questions you’ll need to answer, but overall we’ll want to know about your game, the team that is going to make it, why you think it will sell, how you plan to monetize it (free to play or paid),  a link to any videos or playable demos and your thoughts on post launch strategy and marketing. We use the f6s startup community site to manage applications.

I have an idea but not a demo. Can I apply?

We’re require teams to apply with a playable prototype, even if it’s not on the target mobile platform.

The reality is that a playable demo will always trump a description of a game concept, so teams with demos will have a massive advantage over those teams without.

But don’t despair, demos don’t need flashy graphics to impress. We’re looking for core fun concepts. In fact, 2 of the teams that were successful in the first intake had demos built with programmer art!

I have an idea that’s not a game. Can I apply?

We’re about building great experiences with small teams in short time frames. This lends itself to mobile development and games; however, we are prepared to look at anything that fits within the criteria for the scope of funding, team size and development time.

What are the development times for the games?

We’re funding between 3 to 5 months of development time.

What size teams are you looking for?

Ideally we’re looking for smaller teams of between 2 to 5 people. But we review each team on a case by case basis.

I’ve got a game that’s almost complete. Can I apply?

Yes! As every game developer knows, the last 10% requires 90% of the work. We can help you make sure your game has great retention, monetizes well and has the polish it needs to make it stand out.

Do I have to be in Brisbane?

While applications are open to all residents of Australia, we require the teams to work from the Brisbane studios on a day to day basis. That means you will have to live in Brisbane for the duration of the project.

Some members of the team are still in school. Do we need to wait until everyone is out of school before applying?

Tertiary education is certainly valuable for any job, but sometimes when opportunity knocks, you need to answer. We highly encourage teams to work full time on their projects, and this does not mix well with the demands of school.

Check with your school about the ability to take a leave of absence without penalty. This usually means that if you’ve completed at least one semester, you can take a “leave of absence” before the school’s “census date” (which is typically about four weeks into the semester) without financial penalty for domestic students. You can take this leave of absence for a semester while you and your team make your game.

Here are some links that may be helpful. Be sure to personally check this out with your school; we are not guaranteeing any information about this important matter.

What does Right Pedal Studios supply?

We provide office space, internet and access to mentors and office facilities, but you will need to provide your own computers and software. We are working with partners who can help you get good rates on this if required. You will need to do an investment pitch to us, and this should include all of the things you need to help make your project a success.

How is Right Pedal Studios involved on a day to day basis?

We believe in an agile development process, so we’ll be there at the start of each day during your daily stand up to find out what problems you may have and work to fix those problems immediately. We’ll also provide access to mentors to help you with any areas of the game process you may be struggling with. We’ll be conducting weekly reviews to help keep you on track, and we’ll organize testing with real players to help you focus on the end user experience.

We’re also keen on fostering a collaborative environment and encourage teams to help each other out where necessary.

Right Pedal Studios works constructively with River City Labs which gives you access to entrepreneurs outside of the games space who can help with more general business advice.

How much money are you offering?

We’re funding between $25,000 and $50,000. The exact amount is determined on a project per project basis.

How is the money paid to the team?

We’ll be paying it in two tranches. An initial payment will get you set up, and the final payment at a pre-agreed point in development. This is your business, so we want you to manage paying each team member, purchasing software and hardware.

However, we have mentors who can help you manage your finances to make sure you spend wisely. We are also working with industry partners to give you discounted access to software.

Can I get other funding as well as the funding from Right Pedal Studios?

Yes you can. Australia has the New Enterprise Initiative Scheme (NEIS) that can help you start and run a new business by offering extra training and an allowance and rental assistance. Please visit the NEIS site to see if you are eligible:


I want to make a game for Steam. Is that okay?

We’re focusing on developers making fast iteration games which tend to favour phones and tablets. There’s nothing stopping you from taking the game to Steam, or any other platform, if you can build and deploy within the time frame.

Who owns the Intellectual Property (IP) to my game?

A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV – which is a Pty. Ltd. company) will be set up for investment and it will own the IP. This company will be jointly owned by your team and Right Pedal Studios.

I have an existing company and games, does Right Pedal take a share of these?

No. Right Pedal Studios is investing in the new game and SPV company. Your existing company would jointly own the new SPV with Right Pedal Studios. All your existing games and IP remain property of your existing company.

Do all team members have to be full time?

Yes, this is a full time job. We’re providing you with an opportunity to focus 100% on making your game and want you to be 100% invested.

Who will publish my game?

Right Pedal Publishing will publish and handle operational aspects of the game after launch, while Right Pedal Studios will handle the investment funding and day to day running of the studio.

What percentage of revenue does Right Pedal take as the publisher?

Right Pedal as publisher charges between 40-60% of net revenue depending on the level of funding that is provided, the stage of the project and other factors.

Can I make a sequel to my RPS funded game but publish it myself or use another publisher?

Right Pedal Studios will be joint owners of the IP with you, and we want to see you to succeed. If that means building a sequel, then you will not find us standing in the way – maybe you can even pitch it to us and and we will fund it again.

If it makes sense to use another publisher, then that is not something we would be blind to – we are out for commercial success.  This decision is up the owners of the IP, which include you and Right Pedal Studios.

Do I have to have a full team before I apply?

You’ll need to list each team member and their role in your application. If you don’t have a complete list it will put you at a disadvantage compared to those that do.

I’m a single game developer, can I apply?

Making a game is a challenging endeavour and we prefer to have at least 2 people in a team. However, each entry is reviewed on a case by case basis.

I have a full time job. Can I apply?

Yes. However, if your application is successful we expect you to work in the studio full time for the duration of the project.

Who judges my application?

We have a selection board made up of experienced industry professionals who will judge each application. We use the f6s startup community site to manage the application process.

Will you sign an NDA? How do I know you won’t steal my idea?

No, we won’t sign an NDA. We know that making games is hard and we want to help you make your game, not steal your idea.

However, if any of our industry professionals have a conflict of interest, for example if they have a game in production that is similar to yours, they will not be involved in evaluating your application.

Will RPS management and mentors tell me what to do? Can I ignore them?

We’re here to help you make the best game possible by offering advice and support, but ultimately it’s your decision.

What happens if our game fails to make its money back?

While we all work hard to make sure everything is set for success, not every game will be a hit. If the game is not working, Right Pedal Studios will look to recover its investment. For this there are many options; the founders, for example, may want to buy the IP back to do with as they wish. If it is not a commercial success, we would not want to keep funding it. Our goal would be to focus on another project that has a better chance of success. However, the team will not have to pay back any of the investment money.

So if our game doesn’t succeed, what do we owe Right Pedal Studios?

You do not owe Right Pedal Studios anything. In fact we would encourage you to pitch to us again, if we think that you have come a long way, learnt the lessons and fundamentally have something, we may well have another crack with you.

Right Pedal Studios is taking an investment in the project. If it does not work then that is very unfortunate, but we have broad shoulders. We know that despite the best execution, some things just do not take.

We’re missing a key resource.  Can we use a contractor?

That will come down to your plan and pitch–  if you need contractors you will need to price them in.  Right Pedal Studios will not stop you. We will advise you on this, drawing from a roster of trusted contractors.