Stephen Baxter

Mr. Stephen Baxter has a background in starting Internet based companies in Australia and working overseas on large scale data networks. He founded River City Labs, Right Pedal Studios and is a board member and advisor to several companies including ASX listed Vocus Communications (ASX:VOC). He has current investments in many start up and early stage companies such as txt4coffee, TrekTraka, goCatch, OrionVM and Atomo Diagnostics with several others in late stage due dilligence.

Joe Brumm

Joe, founder and owner of Studio Joho, has 14 years experience as a director and animator and a passion for making things move around the screen.

A strong background in traditional animation informs all his work and his love of translating complex ideas into pictures is the driving force behind his directorial roles.

He has done stints on many successful children’s series, including the multiple bafta winning Charlie And Lola, Little Kingdom, Little Princess, I Am Not An Animal and Tinga Tinga Tales.

Joe’s independent shorts have screened at numerous international animation festivals, including Annecy, the New York Animation Festival, and Animadrid, and his more offbeat creations have a spread around the Internet like a virus.


Brett Caird

Brett has 18 years experience in small technology businesses with 2 successful startups and an MBA to his name.  The most recent of these startups was 5TH Cell Media – the creators of the Scribblenauts and Drawn to Life video game franchises.
Passionate about the potential of small businesses and well versed in the challenges of realising that potential, Brett has a wide spectrum of knowledge and interests ranging from cash flow management and contract law, to people management and gameplay tuning.

Brett Caird

Matt Hall

Matthew Hall is a veteran of the Australian game development industry and founder of KlickTock. He started programming games at the age of seven and he has previously been employed at Australian developers Tantalus Interactive, Tantalus Asia and Big Ant Studios. His varied career includes positions as Programmer, Designer, Artist, Associate Producer, Producer and Chief Technical Officer.

Matthew is the creator of the best selling games Little Things Forever (iPhone/iPad/Android/Mac/PC), ZONR (iPhone/iPad), Little Things (iPad/PC), Doodle Find (iPhone/iPad) and Super Search 60 (iPhone/iPad).

Matthew’s games have been featured by Apple and he’s achieved that rare feat of having his games reach the number 1 position in ALL app categories, not just games.

Morgan Jaffit

One of Australia’s leading game developers, Morgan has developed a number of critically and commercially successful games over his decade in the industry. He has shipped millions of units across every major platform with games that run the gamut from the casual to hardcore markets.

Morgan began his career in Australia, working with Irrational Games (now 2K Marin) before moving to North America to work with major studios such as Relic and Ubisoft before returning to Australia to work with Pandemic/EA as the Lead Designer for their Brisbane Studio.

Morgan founded Defiant Development to focus on building cutting edge games for the modern gaming market and have released a number of best selling games for iOS and Android including Ski Safari, Heroes Call and Rocket Bunnies. Many of his games have garnered Apple’s lucrative Game of the Week spot, and Ski Safari in particular has been the Number 1 Game in over 65 countries!

Kieran Lord

Kieran is presently a caffeine dependent freelance independent developer under the title “Cratesmith”. He works with other indies in roles including programming, design and production.

He’s worked on games such as Destroy all Humans 2, Alternator and Strangeloop’s Vessel as well as developing middleware, consulting and doing research at AiGameDev in Vienna.

Though skilled in a wide selection of areas after 8 years in the industry Kieran’s main focus at present is working on games/tools with Unity3d.

Kieran LordKieran Lord

Prasant Moorthy

Pras is a rarity in the games industry having given up a successful career in banking and finance in order to follow his dreams of making games. Experienced in all facets of game development from production to design, Pras began his games career as a Producer on the Total War series for The Creative Assembly / SEGA before moving onto a Lead Design role for his next few projects.

After taking a short hiatus to form and head up Mana Bar Pty Ltd and open venues in Brisbane and Melbourne, Pras formed Project Headsludge, a freelance game design studio. One of his early clients was RockYou Studios where he was responsible for balancing the game as well as working with the design team to build out and manage new features on Galactic Allies, their mid-core space combat game on the Facebook platform. Now a Product Manager at KIXEYE, he combines his finance background and business experience with his design skills to specialise in designing well balanced economies and enjoyable free to play systems.

Gordon Moyes

Gordon Moyes has developed a wide range of games, from big budget, million selling titles to independently developed iPhone and educational titles. His career began with Brisbane developer Auran’s groundbreaking 1997 real time strategy game Dark Reign: The future of war.

Spending several years in Los Angeles and Boston during his 20’s, international credits include high profile titles such as Civilization: Call to Power and Star Trek: Armada. A career highlight was producing Pandemic Australia’s Destroy All Humans! series on his return from the USA.  Winning the GDAA’s game of the year 2006, the game turned the tables – allowing the player to be the alien.

More recently he’s produced several iPhone, educational and experimental transmedia games such as the quirky Cluck It! with Defiant Development’s Shawn Eustace and Morgan Jaffit plus Carbon Media’s Go Lingo! for ABC3 TV with Strangeloop’s Milenko Tunjic.

Getting his start on the Commodore 64, he graduated with a Bachelor of IT from QUT in 1995 before receiving their Faculty of IT Outstanding Alumni Award in 2008. Still active in industry, Gordon can now be found convening Griffith University’s Bachelor of Games Design at the Griffith Film School, QCA.

Simon Newstead

Simon is CEO and Co-Founder of Frenzoo, creator of the Me Girl™  series of 3d mobile games, enjoyed by millions of women and girls around the world.  He has a passion for learning and designing positive, playful and inspirational games. Prior to Frenzoo, Simon ran the emerging tech team for Asia at Juniper Networks and is originally from rainy Melbourne.

John Passfield

John is the program manager for Right Pedal Studios and has founded a number of games companies including Krome Studios and Red Sprite Studios. He was the creative director of Pandemic Studios, owner of 3 Blokes Studios, and a VP of Rockyou.

John is passionate about social and mobile gaming and has led the creative direction on a number of Facebook titles including Brainiversity, Hospital Town, Virtual Villagers, Galactic Trader and Galactic Allies. His latest title is Save Our Village, a free to play game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Matthew Snowden

Matthew Snowden is the founder of M5859 Studios, a Melbourne based award winning mobile app developer behind “Inside the World of Dinosaurs” narrated by Stephen Fry, and voted the “Best Education App of 2012”. M5859 Studios also works closely with BBC Nature and BBC Worldwide on the up and coming mobile app series and games for “Walking with Dinosaurs” BBC.

M5859 Studios are also developing in-house their range own mobile app games. Matthew was also a finalist judge on the 2013 Oz App Awards.


Dan Vogt

Dan is a designer with an artistic bent and a passion for challenging, creative projects. He’s fascinated by how humans work, great design and exploring how the two overlap.

Dan spent his childhood noodling with Lego, drawing (spaceships, mostly) and playing video games. He eventually redeemed his misspent youth, co-founding Halfbrick. In his ten years at Halfbrick, he shipped 7 games, trained new designers and constantly worked to improve the studio’s processes.



David Zwierzchaczewski

David Zwierzchaczewski is currently the Application Engineer for Media and Entertainment at Autodesk. He specializes in all the 3D software Autodesk owns which include 3DS Max, MAYA, Softimage, Motion Builder, MudBox, Match Mover, as well as being on the BETA development for MAYA. He is also heavily involved with Autodesk’s ‘Game Ware’ software which includes Scaleform, Beast, Navigation, Human IK.

David brings over 15 years of experience working on many AAA and iOS titles. He has also gone through the process of creating a company from the ground up and has a wealth of information on the do’s and do not’s for startups.


We’ll be providing mentors with great experience in game design, programming, economy balancing, free to play design, art, production and business.

Our mentors will be available to sit alongside the teams to help them with any issues they have during the development process.

We’re still building up our list of mentors, so check back soon.


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