Ghostbox is an independent Australian games studio determined to establish themselves as an innovative and passionate group who produce quality games for nice people. A ragtag team of art-school graduates (Dom Drysdale, Troy Duguid, Cameron Pyke and Chris Webb) with an off-beat sense of humor, they have been creating games from their mother’s basements, pool tables, and condemned apartment since 2012.


GeekBrain Games is a two-man indie studio created by industry veterans Don Kirkland and Rupert Lewis Jones. They dial down the geek in their games just enough so you don’t need to be a nerd to enjoy them.


Screwtape Studios is one of  the newest independent games company to come out of Brisbane, Australia. The Studio was co-founded by best friends and video game enthusiasts Anthony Wood and Megan Summers on November 26th 2011.

The studio aims to make engaging, fun and story driven games from iOS and Android titles to major console titles in the future.